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"Where Girls Are PAMPERED FROM
                        HEAD TO TOE"

Making Reservations with Kiddie Couture Spa Parties is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Check out our party packages

Kiddie Spa ages (5-9)

Tween Spa ages (10-12)

Teen Spa ages (13-18)

2. Pick your package

3. Make your Reservation
Please Call:   716-880-7812

*When choosing to have your party at the salon please note there is a $45.00 charge for your private party. Both our salon and mobile parties require payment upon arrival. All parties are about 2 hours long.

*Please make sure we have PARKING near the entrance of your home or venue, as we will be loading and unloading tables, chairs, and supplies.

*If you cancel your event within a 48 hour time period 50% of the event price will be charged to your credit card. If there is a cancellation within 24 hours you will be charged 100% of the event price.

*Final payment is due the day of the event (prior to start of birthday party) paid in CASH only. No exceptions.

*All KCSP parties are age appropriate.

*Please advise your guests to arrive on time. Parties will begin at your scheduled party time.  

*We cannot extend your party time unless you pay extra at the time of booking $35 for 1/2 hour or $75 for 1 hour.

*Please make sure ALL of the girls are free from having Nail Polish on their finger nails and toes, as we have parties continuously throughout the day and this will take longer which will essentially make your party run over.  

*We do need warm water for our Manicure and Pedicure stations, a sink works out fine. If a sink is not provided we will do waterless Manicure and Pedicures.

*We do not provide food, but you are welcome to bring cake or cupcakes, drinks, or water bottles. You are responsible for cleaning up food items. You will need to provide all paper plates, napkins, candles and cups if needed.

*We will provide a table and table covering.

*You are welcome to arrive 10 minutes before 
your guests.  

*For our mobile party events, we provide all the supplies needed to service your party.

*We will arrive a half hour before the party for sufficient time to set up. 

*At both our Salon and Mobile parties we ensure safety and sanitation, therefore we do not cut nails, or cuticles. We use all disposable applicators for makeup application.

*We will accommodate last minute parties to the best of our ability. 

*Travel fee may apply to services and parties outside of the Buffalo area based on roundtrip distance.
First 25 miles no travel fee charged. Over 30 miles a fee of fifty-five cents per mile will be assessed. Parking fee, will also be applied for hotel, venue, or street parking if need be. Additional Tolls may apply if traveling over thirty miles.

*All parties are booked on first come first served basis.



Kiddie Couture Spa Parties

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